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Limbarska Gora is a settlement in the hills near Moravče, popular among hikers. Also the European hiking route E6 leads to it. The top of the hill above the village with the famous Baroque Church of St. Valentin offers a picturesque view.

The church was designed in 1735 by a renowned architect Gregor Maček, know also for building the Ljubljana City Hall. It is an imposing building decorated with the frescoes of Fran Jelovšek and one of the paintings at the main altar was painted by the well-known Baroque painter Valentin Metzinger in 1743. The design of the church is peculiar due to its separated tower, once used as a defence tower. The church on the top of Limbarska gora has always been a popular destination for pilgrims.

Limbarska gora is located northeast from Moravče. From top is nice view to the surrounding peaks. In nice weather you can also see Kamniško-Savinja’s Alps. On top is also an inn, which opened whole week, except on Tuesday and Wednesday. An inscription book is on the wall of inn. You will also notice church of Saint Valentine.

Because of easy access (via one of the main auto routes in Slovenia), a baroque church on the top and nice panoramic views, this hill is well known among hikers. A labyrinth of paths invites many mountain bikers to find their own way up the hill.

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Limbarska gora

Distance from Ljubljana: 30km.


Distance from Ljubljana: 25km.

Moravče was first mentioned in the late 13th century. The scheme of the city centre with an old square is preserved to this day. The Baroque Church of St. Martin with two towers stands in the centre of the square and is the most recognizable symbol of Moravče. In the mid 10th century it was remade in the Baroque style. Inside paintings depict local motives. The shack Balijeva kajža – a simple peasant house from the 18th century under monument preservation – is also worth mentioning among interesting examples of old architecture.

Moravče are close to Zagorica the birthplace of Jurij Vega, the world famous mathematician. His statue stands in the Moravče town’s centre. Beside farming, the people in Moravče used to make a living by digging quartz sand and dark grey Moravče limestone, also called “peški marmor”. The hilly surroundings of Moravče offer great opportunities for hiking. The European hiking route E6 runs here.

There is a regular bus service between Moravče and Ljubljana, Domžale and Zagorje ob Savi. In 1906 a statue was put up in the square to Jurij Vega (1754 – 1802), a mathematician and founder of scientific ballistics.

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